Fire Alarms
Network Fire Alarm Control Panel
Mircom's FleX-Net™ Series Network Fire Alarm Control Panels offer modular components to meet a wide variety of applications.
Voice Evacuation Systems
Multi-channel audio systems with zoned voice paging and Fire Fighter Telephone support
Suppression Control Units
Special hazard suppression systems for use with deluge sprinkler, pre-action sprinkler and agent releasing systems.
Speakers & Speakers/Strobes
A full selection of speakers and speaker/strobes for use with voice evacuation systems
Signaling/Output Devices
A wide array of audible and visual signaling devices including bells, horns and strobes.
Power Supplies
Power supply panels and modules to support the requirements of any fire alarm system installation.
Intelligent Fire Alarms
Advanced, intelligent, addressable fire alarm control panels with expandable modular components.
Fire And Gas Network Fire Alarms
Fire detection and PLC based gas detection with communication to distributed control and emergency shut down systems
Addressable Fire Alarm&Audio Network
FleX-Net™ addressable fire alarm and audio network is designed to meet the most demanding specification of large facilities and campuses with complete ‘peer to peer’ system integrity.
Computer Graphics Packages
Mircom offers our Edison Award winning OpenGN computer graphics package to the life safety industry.
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