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Fire Alarm Maintenance and Services


Maintaining your fire alarm system is one of the most important jobs involved with having a fire alarm system. It is required by NFPA for the system to be tested and maintained semi-annually to ensure the system and devices are working properly.


Our customers that we did installation for will be offered a maintenance agreement for their new system. Any customers that are having problems with their current system can call upon us for repairs or service, but they too can accept one of our maintenance agreements.


Our maintenance agreement ensures that we will conduct semi-annual inspections, testing, and maintenance as required by NFPA. It also puts us to be on call for your fire alarm needs 24/7.


Below is a list of services that we provide with the maintenance agreement or we can do as a service call to you:



  • A complete inspection of the fire alarm system control panel(s)


  • Inspection to ensure proper zone operation


  • Inspect all manual pull stations


  • Inspect smoke detectors and magnetic door holders


  • Inspect sprinkler water flow alarms


  • Inspect heat detectors


  • Inspect and text audible alarm bells


  • Inspect and confirm that the system’s power supplies including battery back-ups are functioningAny defect found will be noted and sent to your attention with a cost quotation for repairs and re-certification


A few examples of the systems we work with:


  • Ademco Systems


  • Fire-Lite Alarms


  • Silent Knight


  • Ademco Fire


  • Edwards Systems Technologies


  • System Sensors


  • Napco Controls


  • Potter


  • Wheelock Fire Alarm Notification


  • Simplex

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