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Evacuation Planning and Training


In times of our changing world; providing the safest environment for yourself and your employees is one of the greatest importance. Developing an Evacuation Plan is not only required by OSHA, but can provide a safe environment for your employees in case of an emergency. Your evacuation plan will be created from start to finish; including training of your Emergency Response Team that will be chosen from personnel in your company.


We also offer training services on Emergency Planning and Fire Safety in the office for all of your personnel. Each person that attends a training will receive a certificate of completion for their employee files and you will receive a list of trained personnel for your records. All documents, trainings, and drawings will be filed and approved by the local authorities having jurisdiction.


The following will be included in your evacuation package:

NFPA 1620 Approved Evacuation Plan to suit your company's needs


  • Approved Emergency Action Plan for your company

  • Approved Evacuation Route Drawings for your Building

  • Approved Evacuation Maps in color for your building

  • Approved Evacuation Meeting Sites for your building

  • Manuals for your Emergency Response Team and for your Evacuation Coordinator


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